Photography 101 - Thoughts About Comparison

We all do it. That's right, if you really love photography you are constantly stocking other peoples work! This can be both good and bad for you. During the early years of my photography journey I was in college with lots of time on my hands. I frequently followed other photographers on facebook and viewed their blog posts. After a while I started to feel inadequate. I started thinking more along the lines of "I can't" then "I can". What we all have to realize is that everyone started somewhere. Yes, there are always exceptions, but most "successful" people hustled and really worked at it. It's great to view other peoples work to get inspiration and to encourage them, but make sure you're not comparing yourself to them. You are different and unique. So embrace it. Below I've shared a video that changed my thoughts on comparison, fear and chasing your dreams. Take an hour to watch it and hopefully it will be just as inspiring to you as it was for me.