A Look Back at 2015

Last year was a year full of dreams fulfilled and difficulties overcome. At the start of 2015 I transitioned my passion for photography into a business. After a month long photo journal trip in California I began selling my landscape work online and at art shows. The art shows resulted in new friendships, jobs and collaborations with other artists around the West Palm Beach, Florida area. Together, these entrepreneurs and I created beautiful work for our clients. (View some of my recent work on Chelley Co. & House of Lavande.) Most definitely the highlight of the year was venturing into underwater photography. Shooting in and around the ocean has opened up an entirely new dimension for my creative spirit. As a result I even had one of my underwater photos featured on Roxy's instagram!  

The memories of this past year are propelling me forward. I am eager to tackle what lies ahead, building on the clients and friendships who have given me courage and exciting work. Most importantly I am thankful for Jesus who has given me the drive, ability and privilege to live out my passion as a career. I'm asking God that you and I will have a new wave of inspiration and opportunity in 2016!

The best is yet to come. xx