Grace Boutique - Palm Beach FL

It’s been such a joy to work with Dede, Grace, Kaela and Michelle. They have blessed us all with two years of a beautifully curated store full of amazing new finds. Most importantly, their love and generosity has not gone unnoticed in our community. The team at Grace regularly supported local artisans, had fundraisers for various charities and have always made a point to show everyone kindness and love.

Dede, Grace, Kaela & Michelle - Cheers to two amazing years! Thank you for all you’ve done. The best is yet to come. xo

Camila's Bridal Shower Details - Palm Beach FL

One of my sweet friends, Camila, is getting married next weekend! Although I sadly wasn't able to attend this amazing bridal shower, I enjoyed helping set up and capture the details.

Thank you Sara for hosting such a wonderful celebration! xo